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Trigger builds with Git

A git push is currently the only way to trigger a new build when using the built-in git repository. The build won't be triggered if the revision being pushed is already the HEAD of your git repository on AppHarbor. There are a couple of ways you could get around this without making code changes to trigger a new build:

  • You may push an earlier revision of your code to set the HEAD of the git repository on AppHarbor to that version. This will trigger a build of that revision, and after that you can push the most current revision again. Pushing an earlier version can be archived with: git push appharbor master~1:master -f. Afterwards you can push your current master as usual with git push appharbor master
  • You may change the revision id of your HEAD by amending the commit with no changes. Note that amending will rewrite the commit history which may cause problems, for instance if you're collaborating with other. This can be archived with: git commit --amend After amending you can force push the new revision to your AppHarbor repo and thereby trigger a new build with this command:
    git push appharbor master -f

Caution: Make sure you know what you're doing when using the -f switch as this is a force push that may cause loss of history