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Using AppHarbor build URLs

AppHarbor supports third-party services scheduling builds for your application. This is how Bitbucket, CodePlex and GitHub create builds on AppHarbor when you push your code to your repositories hosted with those service.

The URL used to schedule builds for an application is shown on the application dashboard.


The application build endpoint supports POST requests with contents in the following format:

   "branches": {
      "default": {
         "commit_id": "1234567",
         "commit_message": "Foo",
         "download_url": ""

Upon receipt of such a message, AppHarbor will download the archive specified by download_url and schedule a build of the contents. The archive must be a gzipped tarball. The token is optional and can be used to authorize download requests. The commit_id and commit_message will be visible in the AppHarbor interface.