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Integrating with CodePlex

You can integrate your CodePlex project with an AppHarbor application which is ideal for CI and/or hosting open sourced projects on AppHarbor.

It's really easy to integrate CodePlex and AppHarbor:

  1. Copy your "Create Build URL" from your application's main page on AppHarbor:

  2. Go to your project's main page on CodePlex and click the "Edit Project Summary & Details". Here you can insert the URL in a dedicated field for it

When the integration is set up AppHarbor will automatically be notified whenever you push code using TFS/SVN/Hg to CodePlex. We'll pick up the code, build it, run any tests and deploy the application afterwards.

If you need to configure the application and don't want your private configuration (such as connection strings) to be publicly accessibly you can take advantage of the environment management features of AppHarbor