Integrating with GitHub

Update: While you can still use the approach outlined below we've introduced a faster and easier way of setting up two way integration with GitHub. Simply follow the link to "Configure GitHub to deploy to AppHarbor" from your application's page and choose the GitHub repository you'd like to deploy from.

This sets up two-way integration where GitHub notifies us about any new pushes to your application, and we report back the build status for each push so it's displayed on GitHub as well.

We've set up a GitHub service hook, so you can use your public and private GitHub repositories to deploy to AppHarbor. The setup process is very simple: Go to
GitHub, enter the "Admin" section of your repository and set up the repository by following the instructions under the "AppHarbor" service.


Remember that if your repository is private you should add the "apphb" user as a collaborator on your repository to allow us to fetch the code.


If you're using GitHub organizations for your repository hosting you can simply add the "apphb" user to an organization team that has access to the repository.