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Using MemCachier

MemCachier is fully managed Memcached-service.

When you add MemCachier to your app, the following configuration variables will be injected: MEMCACHIER_SERVERS, MEMCACHIER_USERNAME and MEMCACHIER_PASSWORD.

To use MemCachier from your app, we recommend EnyimMemcached. The easiest way to install the client is using NuGet: Install-Package EnyimMemcached.

With that in place, you can instantiate a client like this:

public static MemcachedClient GetClient()
    var configuration = new MemcachedClientConfiguration();
    configuration.Protocol = MemcachedProtocol.Binary;
    configuration.Authentication.Type = typeof(PlainTextAuthenticator);
    configuration.Authentication.Parameters["userName"] =
    configuration.Authentication.Parameters["password"] =
    configuration.Authentication.Parameters["zone"] = "AUTHZ";

    return new MemcachedClient(configuration);