Using Mailgun

Mailgun provides a complete email platform for sending, receiving and hosting emails. Installing the add-on is simple and is automatically integrated with your current SMTP configuration if you're using the <smtp/> element of the <mailSettings/> section in <>. If you need to use other Mailgun features or configure your app in a different way, you can easily fetch the necessary configuration variables from your <appSettings/>. Both approaches are described below.

Automatic Installation

If you're using the standard SmtpClient to send emails and use your configuration file to configure it, you're in luck. We'll simply replace the <smtp/> configuration section when your application is deployed with the values from the Mailgun add-on.

In development you could have a configuration like this in your "Web.config" file and run a development SMTP server (like smtp4dev) on localhost:

                <network host="localhost" port="25" />

You don't have to define this section. If it's there, we'll replace it, but if not, we'll still insert it.

Manual Installation

If you prefer to use another client you can do so by fetching the relevant configuration from your appSettings. You can see the values and name of the <appSettings/> keys on your application's page under "Variables".

The variables are called: